Mannen zonder stekkers.

Monday 1 January 2024

Hollowed-out wood, fourteen strings and a cushioned voice. That's all the Men Without Plugs need.
Through bluegrass, pop, reggae, rock 'n' roll and folk, the Men Without Plugs take you along sunny summers, dry deserts,
neon-lit bars and dance parties as we know them only from black-and-white television.
No tinnitus, hoarse throats or blinding light show.
Instead, sing along and dance to the music that serves the audience.
Get carried away by heroes of the past like Elvis, CCR and Johnny Cash, or travel to the far corners of America with Jason Mraz, Eddie Vedder or Chris Stapleton.
Enjoy the good vibes, neighborhood and catch up with your friends!


Cafe Gij en Ik Gemert.
Ridderplein 35
5421 CX Gemert
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  • Monday the 1st of january 2024 at 15:00