Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Hike 'Discover nature'

until 4 June

Discover the benefits of in the nature every first sunday of the month

Exercise is healthy 
Exercising in nature is even healthier, because of the fresh air, daylight and beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of this 'opportunity in the Peel'; an opportunity to be busy with your health in nature. 

Length and duration 
The walk is approximately 5 km. long and takes about 1.5 hours. 

Narration along the way   
Angela from 'The Secret of the Garden Warbler' takes you into the Peel and tells you more about the soothing and healthy effect of a green environment along the way and teaches you how to make optimal use of it. 

More information
'The Secret of the Garden Warbler' is a stress reduction program in the organic vegetable garden of De Peelconnectie. Natuurpoort De Peel purchases carefully grown vegetables here during the season. Want to know more about this? Check out:


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