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Circus Renz International

until 4 June

Come and see! Circus show for the whole family. With three spectacular shows.

The shows 
are fun for young and old and the circus promises a show rich in tradition. Although they have moved with the times, the old circus atmosphere of the past can still be tasted during the shows. Horses are also part of the traditional circus. This year there are no less than eight noble Arabians trotting in the arena. The beautiful freedom dressage is presented by Franz Renz. But there is also room for young and talented artists, sensational jugglers, aerial acrobatics, trapeze artists, clowning and endearing and special animals. The circus keeps up with the times and offers the audience, both in the box and in the stands, a pleasant view and seating comfort. The tent complex is also heated for three days.


Green Valley Estate
Green Valley Estate
Bruggenseweg 11 a
5752 SC Deurne
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