Try-out 'korte metten' by Jeroen's Clan

Saturday 4 November

The coarse musical zap cabaret of the 1990s is back in a new guise. Fresh, coarse-mouthed and leggy. Socially critical songs, misogynist banter and patriarchal bawdiness, but with a contemporary dose of vulnerability. Thankfully. So you can just laugh at them.

After their successfully received debut programme 'Tere zieltjes' full of fast scenes, raw songs and ruthless jokes, the cabaret trio Jeroens Clan now presents their second programme Korte metten. Even faster, even rawer, and even more ruthless. Bram Kroon, Matthias Tuns and Jip de Poorter mercilessly make short shrift with themselves, each other and the audience in the front row. They will cry at home.


  • Saturday the 4th of november 2023 at 20:30


  • €21.00