Tuesday 27 December

Still looking for a fun activity during the Christmas holidays? Then come and enjoy a cosy evening of keezing at Café Zaal de Tapperij. On Tuesday evening 27 December, they will organise another keez evening there, during which they will treat you to an oliebol. They will start at 19.30. As a team, sign up by sending an email to keezentapperijbeekendonk@gmail.com.

Participation this evening costs €5.00 per person. As a team, you will play five games against another team. Afterwards, there are prizes for the teams that have amassed the highest points. Incidentally, it is possible to take part in these keez evenings every second Friday evening of the month. Come and give it a try.


Café Zaal De Tapperij
Kerkstraat 22
5741GL Beek en Donk
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  • Tuesday the 27th of december 2022 at 19:30


  • €5.00