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Mashed potatoes, a fairy tale mix

until 10 August

Theatre van Santen plays a fairy tale mix at the Open Air Theatre.

For a moment, it seems like stepping into Snow White's fairytale world, but that doesn't last long. Soon the story takes an unexpected turn.

For instance, the wicked Stepmother is extremely jealous of beautiful Snow White. This mean woman does everything in her power to eliminate Snow White. She even scares the hell out of her own reflection. Snow White decides to go on the run. In the forest, she encounters the big bad Wolf, who spontaneously falls in love with her. Almost seems to succeed in poisoning Snow White, but just in time the Wolf kisses her awake and then...

The colourful mini-musical is set in a surreal setting. Beautiful costumes, atmospheric songs and music support the performance. The running time is 60 minutes.

Age recommendation: from 4 to 10 years


  • €7.00