Niels van der Gulik and Frank Kooijman

Saturday 14 October

Niels van der Gulik and Frank Kooijman together perform Simon Garfunkel's concert at Ons Tejater. Simon & Garfunkel's concert in Central Park in New York is perhaps the most famous ever by this duo. More than a decade after their separation in 1970, this 1981 performance was the first time they could be seen together again. But did this reunion stand a chance of a sequel?

Niels van der Gulik and Frank Kooijman tell the story and play the songs from the concert in Central Park. They look back at Simon & Garfunkel's career, the legendary Central Park gig and the worries during the reunion.

Besides being a feel-good concert, Central Park also sheds new light on timeless hits like Bridge Over Troubled Water, Sound of Silence, A Heart In New York and 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.


  • Saturday the 14th of october 2023 at 20:30


  • €21.00