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Glock 45 bij Cafe Gij en Ik

until 26 November

Fear the worst and expect the best. An upbeat combination of the drag of country, the laughter of satire and the power of rock & roll. Catchy lyrics, close harmony and ripping guitars. All brought with speed and energy.
Glock '45 makes country satyr rock'n'roll. Yes, That's an actual word.
The story goes that they live together at a trailer park. Out of boredom, they started a band. Ín costume, ín the make-up, úout of the comfort zone, ín the curtains.
Their fascination with American trailer trash culture creates similarities to television series such as Trailer Park Boys and My Name is Earl. Other examples include Wheeler Walker Junior, Van Kooten and De Bie and Jiskefet: all persiflating acts that hold up a mirror to American or Dutch culture through the combination of satire and well-written music or sketches.


Cafe Gij en Ik Gemert
Ridderplein 35
5421 CX Gemert
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