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Ilse DeLange SOLD OUT

until 25 August

With new singles 'Willing' and 'Drown Us Out', singer Ilse DeLange has started the year off right! In 2023, new music takes centre stage for Ilse; besides the previously released hit singles, the singer will release a lot of new music. Also, this year marks her 25th anniversary as an artist.

Since her debut album 'World of Hurt' (1998), Ilse DeLange has been one of our country's biggest and most respected artists. Many hit singles, #1 albums and prestigious awards followed in rapid succession. Ilse DeLange brings more country to the Netherlands with her festival 'Tuckerville', had a role in the American TV series 'Nashville', and guides young talent in their music careers through her label Spark Records. The singer is also making a big impression in Germany, including in the TV programme 'Sing Meinen Song', 'Let's Dance' and was featured as a jury member in the popular programme 'Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar'.


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