Gardener's house Eyckenlust

The building is made of hand-moulded brick with a cemented front and rear gable (spout gable) and consists of one storey under a saddle roof covered with Old Dutch tiles (windboards). The front gable is regularly divided with two six-pane windows and on the right a hinged door with two-pane fanlight, in the top a four-pane window. In the rear fa├žade, there are two small iron stall windows. There are also renewed windows and a small, recent addition of a kitchen against the side wall.

The gardener's house is of general importance

- because of its age;

- because of its image-determining location along the entrance to the house;

- because of the simple and sober design of a service house;

- as a characteristic and functional part of the estate;

- because of the functional-spatial relationship with the other parts of the estate.


Kasteellaan 2
5741PJ Beek en Donk
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