Old Dutch Games

Go back in time with these Old Dutch games. It is great fun to play in teams and make a competition of it with a ranking. We have twenty different games from which you can compose your own game morning or afternoon.

Choose from:
The Hole Game, the Billiard Game, the Hammer Game, Square Shuffleboard, Mouse Toss, Magnetic Dart, the Stacking Tower, Disc Shooting, the Horrible Spiral, Draw Billiards, the Toll Table, the famous Tower of Pisa, Four in a Row, the Bumber-Scissors Game, Bowling Billiards, the Catch Game and Mirror Drawing.

Even when it rains, there is still plenty of choice.

Group size: minimum 10 people (the more the merrier)
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

It was very nice to have so much variety


  • €10.00