Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Clothing bank Laarbeek (ViaVia) organises EURO days

until 31 August

Kledingbank Laarbeek is running again. Everyone can come to them at the regular times on Wednesday and Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00 hours.

The Kledingbank Laarbeek again holds the EURO days tot 31 august. For all visitors with a referral or income statement, nothing will change on those days. But for anyone who wants, all other clothing is offered for €1.00.

Perhaps it is good to mention again that they do not only help people with a referral, but people who would like to buy something second-hand, i.e. sustainable, are also always welcome. They call the shop ViaVia and they need the proceeds from the sale of items to be able to continue. So everyone is welcome!


Kledingbank Laarbeek
Beekerheide 23 c
5741HB Beek en Donk
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  • €1.00