Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Nature garden walk with IVN

until 28 August

On Sunday 28 August, at IVN building De Bimd, there is a nature garden walk. Guide Gerrit Post will lead you through the beautiful nature garden around the building. New landscape elements have been added in recent months. Apart from the food forest and the poplars, there is a densely covered Tiny Forest, a new pond has been dug and the banks of the Koude Maas stream have become more nature-friendly by flattening the stream edges. This public walk starts early in the morning at 8.30 am and lasts about two hours. Afterwards, there is free coffee or tea. A voluntary contribution for the maintenance of this beautiful garden is always welcome.


Clubgebouw De Bimd
Beekseweg 3
5735CB Aarle-rixtel
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