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Welcome to the municipality of Someren, which consists of the centers of Someren-Dorp, Someren-Eind, Someren-Heide and Lierop. Someren is centrally located between the municipalities of Eindhoven, Weert and Helmond. Someren is a vast rural community in Brabant where it is good to stay! Due to its unique natural location on the edge of De Groote Peel and the Strabrechtse Heide with its alternating forest fens and heath areas, Someren is an excellent hiking and cycling community!

There is always something to do in hospitable Someren! Someren has numerous entrepreneurs, associations and foundations that do their utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible! Numerous attractive activities are organized throughout the year, such as the Kennedy March, open-air performances in the nature theatre, the Nirwana garden party, the Heise beer festen and various other festivals and events.

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Curious about what there is to do in Someren? Then take a look at the Events!

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Discover Someren

Go on a discovery tour through our extensive municipality and discover the large and varied countryside and especially the beautiful forests, fens and heathlands that Someren is rich in!

Discover the area with the village centers!

Discover Someren, Someren-Eind, Someren-Heide and Lierop!

Someren has a wide range of activities!

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A day of swimming, golfing, going to the playground? It's all possible in Someren

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Shopping in Someren

Someren has several large supermarkets and a wide range of specialty shops!

Discover the Art and Culture

Someren is a village with a rich tradition and history! Many buildings, monuments and art objects give an idea of ​​what life was like in the past, but also how Someren has expanded over the years and has grown into today's Someren, a powerful village in a beautiful environment that the inhabitants are proud of! 

Eating, drinking and going out in Someren

Food & Drink in Someren

Hospitable Bourgondisch Someren has numerous catering establishments with many terraces where you can relax and enjoy a delicious drink or tasty snack during your stay.

Strabrechtse Smikkel arrangement

Go out again between April 1 and October 31 around the Strabrechtse Heide with the Strabrechtse Smikkel! With this voucher booklet you can go to 21 catering establishments in the area around the Strabrechtse Heide and by handing in a voucher from your Smikkel booklet you can enjoy a delicious dish!

Nightlife in Someren

A night out or attending a theater performance? It's all possible in Someren! View all possibilities!

Cycling, walking or horse riding in Someren

Cycling in Someren

Discover the many signposted cycling routes or put together a route yourself via the cycling route network

Walking in Someren

Someren has no fewer than 18 signposted walking routes! Discover the village centers through the beautiful nature reserves or via the Allemanspaden!

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Biking in Someren

Go out sportingly and follow the specially laid out and signposted mountain bike trails that run through the forest and fen areas! 

Horseback Riding in Someren

.Someren has had an extensive Equestrian Route network for several years now that is connected to the bridleways of the neighboring municipalities

Plan your visit to Someren

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Spend the night in Someren

Someren has extensive accommodation options! The hospitable recreation entrepreneurs welcome you to their campsites, mini-campings, bungalow park, in hotels and group accommodations.

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Welcome at the Tourist office VVV Someren

The VVV agency in the heart of Someren opposite the town hall on Wilhelminaplein is happy to help you find your way around our beautiful surroundings!

Access to Someren

Someren is easily accessible from all directions, for example from the A67 Eindhoven-Venlo exit 35.