LIVE: MegasetH, tribute to MegadetH

zaterdag 11 november

MegasetH is THE Dutch tribute-sensation for the best of alltime speedmetal successors known to be played by the American metal-formation MegadetH.

MegasetH come from the region of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Each individual member has been active in the local metalscene for several years.

From the beginning of 2001, MegasetH have been active in covering songs from especially the first five studio-albums of MegadetH. They started as a group of five friends who all shared the same dedicated love for Dave Mustaine

Showtime 21:00h



  • Zaterdag 11 november 2023 21.00 - 23.00 uur


  • € 6,00 Presale: € 6,- Doorsale: € 8,-