Eating Out at The Longhorn Ranch

Eating Outside is a special outing for various occasions. For example, a workshop cooking on a campfire is an attractive group activity. Suitable for groups from 4 to 100 people. All kinds of arrangements are possible, such as a bachelor party, friends and girlfriends day, birthday, group outing, company outing or team building. Or go out together and enjoy one of the beautiful routes; Discover De Peel on the Tandem, E-chopper or from a nostalgic Italian Tuk-Tuk!

Working together, not too active, everyone can participate and with a good result. The cooking workshop can be combined with various activities at De Longhorn Ranch. A trip with tandem or E-chopper, meeting, excursion, tasting or regional products route. Put together the arrangement that suits you. Look for all possibilities; or  

Organize the outing that you will be talking about next year!


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