What to see and do in Deurne?

A Peeldorp with a creative approach​

We wish you a warm welcome to our beautiful municipality. The people here in Deurne have one thing in common: a creative approach. Art and inventiveness are characteristics that stand for our village. Deurne owes its good name to artists such as writers Antoon Coolen, Toon Kortooms and Friso Wiegersma, the last of whom wrote the well-known song Het Dorp. A song about this village in which the garden path of his father Hendrik appears. You can still admire this garden path! At Deurne you can also think of DAF. After all, the man who made DAF world famous with his invention of the automatic transmission is Hub van Doorne, one of Deurnes heroes. Even today, celebrities confirm our reputation. For example, think of Monic Hendrikx, a celebrated actress. Even today, the presence of artists, entrepreneurs and other involved residents creates a colorful community. We are proud to say: Deurne, Palette of De Peel!

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Deurne 1300 years

13 centuries of Deurne celebrated with activities
The oldest mention of the place name Deurne (Durninum) dates from 721. In 2021, Deurne will exist for 1,300 years and that is being celebrated! Details from thirteen hundred years of history pass through numerous activities.

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