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ATB-route Bakelsbos Helmond

Helmond has an ATB route of nearly 10 kilometers through the Bakelsbos.

(9.5 km)
Tour de Helmond

Helmond has a unique cycling and hiking route: Tour de Helmond! This 45 km long cycling route takes...

(45.0 km)
Nature and hiking reserve The Groot Goor

The Groot Goor is a forest and nature reserve to the east of Mierlo-Hout. The center area is 30 hectares...

Bomenwandeling Aarle-Rixtel

It is recommended to walk this tree walk in the different seasons.

(3.5 km)

Start the Animal Kingdom Route from Herberg De Brabantse Kluis in Aarle-Rixtel.

(38.0 km)
Network of cycling routes De Peel

The Peel has a cycling network of over 600 km. The cycling network The Peel consists of various cycling...

Route omgeving Stiphout

Lovely cycle route around Grotel through the Biezen and Milschot, a varied nature area.

(40.7 km)
Gidswandeling Beek en Donk

In Beek en Donk, you can take a guided group walk (8 to 30 people). A fun activity for your association...

(4.0 km)
The Bundertjes

The Bundertjes is the name of a nature reserve and hiking area to the north of downtown Helmond and to...

Gemert-Bakel, a beautiful green community

Gemert-Bakel is a village with a green character at the edge of The Peel that offers its inhabitants...

Rondje Lieshout en Dommeldal

From Lieshout, we head towards the Nuenens broek, a forest of trousers, which was originally a swamp...

(54.5 km)
Hiking in The Peel

Hiking through the Deurne Peel and Mariapeel and through the former peat district of Griendtsveen and...

(9.0 km)
Vogelnatuurpad Groene Long

A walk through the Green Long will take you past water features, special trees, bridges and benches.

(4.0 km)
Ommetje Oost Mariahout

This walk is characterised by a small-scale landscape where agriculture and forestry predominate.

(5.0 km)
Afwisselende Laarbeek fietsroute

There are plenty of resting points on this cycle route through Laarbeek.

(39.0 km)