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There are many highlights when getting to know the Land van de Peel. Experience the grand nature in De Groote Peel National Park or on the Strabrechtse Heide. Enter the gates of Helmond Castle and toast the good life in the Bavaria Brewpub. Stimulate your senses in the many museums, navigate through the farmland and discover the art of slowing down in the attractive village centres.


In many places in the region, the doors are currently forced to remain closed. Be inspired by what is possible now and save the other highlights in the Peel for later.


Museum Helmond

One museum, two locations, three collections. It is impossible to visit Helmond and not see the imposing castle. Wander through the exciting world of knights and lords and discover the almost 700-year-old story about the castle. When leaving the castle, wander over to the characteristic Boscotondo complex, where the Helmond exhibition space presents varying photography and art exhibitions.

Museum Helmond

De Groote Peel National Park and the Deurnese- and Mariapeel

Nature lovers can indulge their passion in the Land van de Peel. There is peace and quiet in abundance here. The real eye-catcher is De Pelen nature reserve, which consists of De Groote Peel National Park and the Deurnese Peel and the Mariapeel. This Natura 2000 area is a hotspot for birdwatchers and offers endless opportunities for cyclists and hikers. Wooden walkways, observation towers, bird watch huts and wooden bridges lead you right through the once impenetrable marsh area.

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Bavaria Brewery, Lieshout

The village of Lieshout holds the largest independent brewery of the Netherlands. The famous Bavaria beer has been brewed at this location for 300 years. The Bavaria brewery tour will give you a glimpse of the entire brewing process. Starting point and end of the tour is the Bavaria Brewpub – the place to have a beer when visiting the Peel.

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Museum Klok & Peel, Asten

More than 2000 years of Peel history and the largest collection of swinging bells and carillon (pealing of the bells) in the world. The Klok & Peel Museum in Asten presents visitors with two unique exhibitions. Examine a replica of the huge carillon of Notre Dame, cast in Asten, learn how to make the bells peal and play a carillon. The Peel collection takes you on a journey through the rich natural history of the Peel region, bringing you face-to-face with impressive fossils and the primal sea.

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Strabrechtse Heide, Someren

Nowhere else can you experience the grand nature as you can on the Strabrechtse Heide. An immense area in which fields of heather alternate with many meres or small pools, including the largest natural mere in the Netherlands. Numerous routes start in Someren, taking you through the vast countryside. But you are never really alone: the good-natured Scottish Highlanders welcome you to their habitat.

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Cacaofabriek, Helmond

The present, past and future merge uniquely in the Cacaofabriek (Cocoa Factory), the cultural hotspot in Helmond. Where cocoa powder and chocolate products once rolled from factory lines, it is now possible to enjoy music, art, film and to eat and drink in an industrial setting. Visit the art cinema or an exhibition and combine your visit with a delicious meal in the brasserie and something delicious from the old-fashioned chocolate confectionery shop.

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Death Valley de Peel

Journey past places of interest in the Peel while events from the Second World War come to life. Death Valley de Peel is a themed route network consisting of 15 bicycle routes. These take you past a total of more than 100 locations in the Peel landscape, together telling you the story of the Peel during the war. 

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Michelinster restaurant de Rozario, Helmond

Allow yourself to be totally pampered at De Rozario in Helmond. Jermain de Rozario’s restaurant has been crowned with a Michelin star for many years. Together with his team, he works magic, putting meals with a soul and a story on the table in the centre of Helmond.

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Boerenbondsmuseum, Gemert (Agricultural museum)

The Land van de Peel is characterised by farm life. This is the place where farmers traditionally shaped the land by reclaiming it, working it and rebuilding it. The Boerenbondsmuseum allows you to explore the world of the rural Peel residents around 1990. Wander through the original farms and half-timbered houses, drop in at the rural school, the clog factory and the old steam tram.

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Brabantse Kluis, Aarle-Rixtel

The Brabantse Kluis lies nestled near the nature reserves De Biezen and Grotelse Heide in rural Aarle-Rixtel. Experience Brabant hospitality in the hotel and restaurant, established in a former monastery farm next to the stately Heilig Bloed (Holy Blood) missionary monastery. The Brabantse Kluis is an ideal place for a break or base for hiking or cycling tours through the beautiful surroundings.

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