Restaurants and cafes in the Peel

Lunch with a view of the castle of Gemert, dine at a delightful bistro in Deurne or enjoy a nightcap in a Helmond pub. In the Land van de Peel, life is enjoyed to the full and this is something you taste and experience. From Michelin Star restaurants to delightful cafes and farm shops, proud Peel residents are always at your service with the best flavours of the region.


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  • IJssalon De Gebroeders | Bakel

    IJssalon De Gebroeders | Bakel

    Ice cream parlour De Gebroeders makes the perfect stopover, as many cycling and hiking routes sta...

  • De Viersprong | De Rips

    De Viersprong | De Rips

    Restaurant De Viersprong has been a household name in the region for over thirty years. At bistro...

    De Rips
  • McDonald's Helmond

    McDonald's Helmond
  • Greek Grill Restaurant Delphi

    Greek Grill Restaurant Delphi
  • Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond offers atmosphere, tranquillity and luxury facilities for the who...

  • De Brandevoortse Hoeve

    De Brandevoortse Hoeve

    The place in Helmond for the tastiest home-grown local produce. You can also enjoy a drink and de...

  • Dientje | Gemert

    Dientje | Gemert

    Opening hours café-restaurant-rooms Dientje Gemert Check out Dientje Gemert 's website for more...

  • Gij&Ik | Gemert

    Gij&Ik | Gemert Bar inside Gij&Ik in Gemert, Land van de Peel

    Gemert’s Gij & Ik is a friend to all, a place where everyone feels at home really quickly. This i...

  • Café 't Hart | Handel

    Café 't Hart | Handel

    In the heart of the pilgrimage town of Handel you will find Café 't Hart. Right across from the R...

  • Café D'n Egelantier

    Café D'n Egelantier

    Cozy cafe in the center of Someren located on the Wilhelminaplein. During the weekend many activi...

  • Kooksoof


    Kooksoof prepares the food using only fresh products.

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  • Restaurant Ons Jongens

    Restaurant Ons Jongens

    Be culinary surprised by restaurant Ons Jongens.

  • Eetcafé De Grutter

    Eetcafé De Grutter

    Eetcafé De Grutter "Home-style food and drink"

  • De Smulsmurf

    De Smulsmurf

    Snack bar on location. We hope that we can be of service to you. Call us and together we will dis...

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  • Gastvrij & Zo

    Gastvrij & Zo Gastvrij & Zo Deurne

    In Gastvrij & Zo, people with intellectual disabilities are happy to take your order. You are wel...

  • Grand Café Markt 8

    Grand Café Markt 8

    Markt 8 is a unique and atmospheric hospitality establishment, located right in the centre of Ast...

  • Bar Bistro Duco Deurne

    Bar Bistro Duco Deurne Bar Restaurant Duco Fletcher Kloosterhotel Deurne

    Bar Bistro DuCo is the culinary heart of Fletcher Monastery Hotel Willibrordhaeghe.

  • Nastrium - The backyard

    Nastrium - The backyard
  • Grand-cafe BIJ GUUS

    Grand-cafe BIJ GUUS

    BIJ GUUS is a trendy, attractive and accessible GRAND CAFÉ on Wilhelminaplein in Someren.

  • In de Hei

    In de Hei

    This beautiful location in the 'Greenest municipality of Europe' is very versatile with a B&B, lu...

  • Chalet Couvert

    Chalet Couvert

    Châlet Couvert is an attractive and versatile Fusion restaurant (French oriented cuisine with Eas...

  • Zaal Vissers

    Zaal Vissers
  • Dinertijd


    The go-to place to relax and enjoy a delicious buffet at a fixed price. Enjoy a unique combinatio...

  • Gasterij De Brabander

    Gasterij De Brabander

    Nicely located restaurant along the Zuid-Willemsvaart near Sluis13 between Someren-Eind and Neder...