Nature in the Peel

Experience nature in the Peel

Explore eye-catchers such as the Groote Peel National Park and the Strabrechtse Heide or explore nature reserves such as the Grotelsche Heide, Landgoed Stippelberg or the Deurnese Peel. There is always something new to experience in the varied nature of the Peel, full of vast plains, pristine peat bogs and hidden pools. Discover the nature reserves per municipality below or get inspired with tips for the grand nature.


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Bijzonder Brabants

Bijzonder Brabants, that is the most special vegetable garden in Brabant. Here you can see where the...

Municipal Garden Helmond

Municipal Garden Helmond is a company that specializes in cultivation in the open of vegetables and herbs.

In de Hei B&B - Meeting venue

This beautifully rural Bed & Breakfast and meeting venue, located in the 'Greenest Town in Europe',...

Natural pool Nederheide

You can find natural pool Nederheide in the middle of the forest, located in the beautiful nature reserve...

Municipal Park the Warande

Municipal Park the Warande is special thanks to its many relaxation facilities. In summer, various concerts...

De Ossenbeemd

Nature playground and park with themed gardens, tree path, petting zoo, nice picnic areas, water game,...

Walsbergs bos

The Walsbergse woods were created when heathland was planted with coniferous trees.

Grotelse Forest

Between Bakel and Aarle-Rixtel you will find the 115 hectares of the Grotelse Forest. To the south of...

Tourist recreational area Heihorsten in Someren

The Heihorsten; Developing nature and realizing recreational opportunities. That is the intention of...

De Berken nature reserve

This nature reserve is located in the stream valley of the Astense Aa brook

Butterfly garden Klein Costa Rica in Someren

Have you ever been to the tropics? Visit the most special tropical covered butterfly garden in Southeast...

Deurnese- en Mariapeel

The Deurne Peel and the Mariapeel surrounding the former peat districts of Griendtsveen and Helenaveen...

Castle Garden Helmond

Varied statue garden surrounding the medieval Castle of Helmond.

The fen Keelven and the naturegate Vennenhorst

Until 1920, the Somerensche Heide was an extensive heathland area between the Strabrechtse Heide and...

Park layout Croy

Historical garden and park layout belonging to the country estate Kasteel Croy.

De Snelle Loop

The Snelle Loop has been the border between Gemert on the one hand and Aarle-Rixtel and Beek on the other...

Toon Kortooms Park

The Toon Kortooms park is located at the place where the famous novelist Toon Kortooms grew up.The park...