Duikspot 't Zuth Bakelse Plassen | Milheeze

Bakelse Plassen as dive site, dive spot 't Zuth.

Four diving associations have together set up a new foundation to use the Bakelse Plassen dive site. The foundation Duikspots Noord Brabant Oost aims to make and keep water lakes in eastern Brabant accessible to practitioners of underwater sports.
The Bakelse Plassen are unique as a diving location because there is a lot to see and experience. "A very hilly landscape seems to have been created underwater due to the excavations, in which many fish and aquatic plants live. Moreover, there is better visibility than at many other locations.

Dive spot 't Zuth is part of the sand-wind area "Bakelse plassen". The dive spot is located on a non-active part of this. Because of this reason, the dive spot is only accessible through a gate that is closed to passers-by and will remain so for the next few years.

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Duikspot 't Zuth
Hekker 1
5763 PP Milheeze
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