Hoeve Te Groenendaal in Gemert

The medieval farmstead Te Groenendaal was located on today's Groenendaal in Gemert. The associated land ownership extended from the Groenendaal to the Oudestraat.

The farm was owned by the Gemert Commandery of the Teutonic Order and was issued in long lease on 25 May 1409 by commander Dirk van Betgenhusen to Willem Fijenzoon and Willem Bernierszoon van Erp for 2 mud of rye, 4 barrels of rapeseed, 12 tbsp of linen cloth, 6 measures of butter, 100 eggs, 8 fowls and 8 fodder of peat, to be paid annually.

Over the centuries, the farmstead Te Groenendaal disintegrated and came into the possession of various owners, each of whom had to pay part of the annual rent.

A (former) farmhouse still stands on the site where the main building of Te Groenendaal stood in the Middle Ages.

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Hoeve Te Groenendaal
Groenendaal 20
5421 XT Gemert
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