Boswachterswoning De Rips

Forester's house

From 1870, there were already some sheep pens and wooden cottages in the area, one of which was bricked up in 1895. In the year 1900, the new house that P.van den Eijden came to live in and which served as the first forester's house for the Heidemij in this area was completed on this spot.

It was a house with a bakery and business premises for tools and storage for the workhorse.

In a fire in 1940, the bakery was spared but the house was destroyed. Afterwards, the current white forester's house was rebuilt with its special characteristic window shutters.

The house has been occupied for decades by the van der Aa family of foresters.

Source: Ripse Boswandeling. B. Ploegmakers

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Stippelberg 1
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