Brownies and downieS Asten

At our central location on Koningsplein, we serve the yummiest lunch in Asten every week from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00. 

All our food is prepared fresh in our own kitchen. Our menu offers a selection of delicious sandwiches and club sandwiches. Think thick slices of bread topped with brie, smoked salmon, carpaccio – or how about our homemade pastrami! There is so much to choose from! We also have salads and artisan soups on the menu, and we also offer a children's menu, of course! 

All these dishes are served with a smile by people with intellectual disabilities! They cannot wait to serve you a delicious lunch!

We can also make an individual proposal for lunches with groups, meeting arrangements, dinners, coffee tables or a funeral. Come in and prepare to be amazed at Brownies and Downies Asten!