As soon as you visit our farm shop, you walk into the King of the Circle's story. We can tell you everything, but really everything, about the pig. We like to show you and taste how fantastic the pig is for our environment. Because all parts of the pig are very useful, tasty and nutritious. Discover on our picture wall in which products you can find the pig. 

Local delicacies
Because our shop is a farm shop, we also have other products in our range. Delicious delicacies of local origin and seasonal. For instance, we have asparagus in spring, strawberries in summer and kale in winter.

Throughout the year you can come to us for:
Pork and beef, Vulture beer, Cheese, Eggs, Yoghurt, Farm ice cream,
Bbq - gourmet, Business gifts, Drinking boards, Various surprising products from the pig, Sausage rolls.


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