Hiking trails Deurnese Peel from parking lot De Halte

Deurnese Peel

Walking through Deurne's rural area
Short walking tours through the Deurne Peel, De Halte walking area. Start from the parking lot at Griendtsveenseweg, near the Toon Kortooms park. At the parking lot you'll find an information sign on the routes and the surroundings.

Short routes along coloured signposts
Follow the yellow (1 km), red (2.5 km) or blue signs (3.5 km). Walking tours from the Dutch Forestry Commission set out in the framework of the 'Peelvenen' project. 

Walking on the walking network
If you want a longer walking route, you can choose to walk on nodes, where you can decide the distance and direction.


Startpunt wandelroutes Staatsbosbeheer De Halte
5753 SB Deurne
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