Sacred Heart statue Lieshout

Just like the churches in Aarle-Rixtel and Beek en Donk, the church in Lieshout also has a Sacred Heart statue. These statues are dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. It is nice to see that all four Sacred Heart statues in Laarbeek have a different form. The concrete/stone statue in Lieshout is the youngest of the group and has been there since 1935. In it Jesus pulls up his cope and shows his Sacred Heart. The statue in Lieshout was a gift from the parishioners on the occasion of Father Giessen's priestly anniversary. He celebrated his 40th anniversary as a priest on 8 June 1935. He did not want to celebrate it in a big way. Only when the St. Caecilia brass band came out did Father Giessen step outside for a moment. The statue is a lasting reminder. 


Burg van den Heuvelstraat 4
5737BP Lieshout
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