Events in Deurne

Going out in Brabant? Come to Deurne!

Hospitable Deurne is a regular setting for exuberant events and festivities. Special activities can be enjoyed in every season. For all audiences, including the elderly and children as well. Deurne Cultural Centre offers room for music and theatre performances. Deurne CC even has a cinema. Each year, many interesting events are on the agenda. For example, the Night of the Silver Screen, Horse Event and Battle on the Beach, and also a four day cycling event and a four-day evening walking event. Experience it in Deurne, Griendtsveen, Helenaveen, Liessel, Neerkant and Vlierden.

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Minimarkt In d'Ouwe Peel

7 August, 8 August and 4 more days

Nacht Van Het Witte Doek

26 until 29 August

3-day open air film festival.

Maandwandeling Walk English

29 August, 26 September and 2 more days

Expositie Deurnese kunstenaars

4 September, 5 September and 6 more days