That's why you go to the tourist office!

For the best and nicest tips and ideas about Gemert-Bakel, visit the VVV office at Ridderplein in Gemert. You can also find a lot of tourist information on our site.

VVV Gemert

What does the VVV do? The tasks of VVV Gemert-Bakel are very diverse. For example, you can contact VVV Gemert for ticket sales of various events in the region, but also think about the sale of a large assortment of gift cards, regional products and souvenirs (from Gemert-Bakel and de Peel) and walking and cycling routes in the area. Need help with the charging station for electric bicycles? Then you can also come to VVV Gemert!

Below we have highlighted a number of issues. VVV Gemert is supported by the efforts of volunteers.

  • Providing information through personal contact, mail and telephone
  • Providing local promotion
  • Providing local product development, arrangements with entrepreneurs and organizing events together with entrepreneurs
  • Directing and providing input to the regional organization Stichting Peelpromotie
  • Recruiting and connecting industry entrepreneurs to promotion
  • Providing content for NDTRC's digital information system, VVV De Peel, such as entering events on the Gemert-Bakel events calendar
  • Social media
  • Organizing many arrangements, such as a culinary walk, a culinary cycling arrangement or a guided walk. We arrange the reservation and administrative handling.
  • Providing the weekly radio talk show at Omroep Centraal, Gemert-Bakel's local broadcaster.

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