How does it work?
For €17.50 you buy a PeelSneukel booklet for the winter season at a few hospitable ambassadors of Toeristisch Laarbeek, Toeristisch informatiepunt Someren and VVVs in Asten, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel and Helmond. In this booklet you find 10 coupons, called Sneukeltjes. You can hand in these coupons at the 40 participating horeca establishments mentioned in the booklet. In exchange you will get a delicious Sneukeltjes and you only have to pay for one more drink. This way you can taste all kinds of snacks at several nice locations.

Nice and easy
The PeelSneukel booklet is not registered by name. So you can take several people (max. 6) with you on a PeelSneukel booklet: by car, by bike or on foot. Everything is possible! You are not tied to a route or arrangement and do not have to make reservations.

PeelSneukel booklet available at Toerist Laarbeek, Toerist Information Point Someren and VVVs Helmond, Gemert-Bakel, Asten and Deurne.
Every season the PeelSneukels vary from, for example, a small pan of beef stew and a warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream to a roll of spiced sausage from the BBQ and delicious soups with bread. So there is something for everyone. The Sneukeltjes can be handed in at the participating catering businesses from 1 November to 31 March. The sale of the PeelSneukel booklets starts at the beginning of October. 

On the road in spring and summer?
There is also a summer edition for delicious Peel dishes. Then go PeelPeuzelen! 

New products! Gift voucher PeelPeuzelen 2022
In order to meet all Peel fans, there is now a gift voucher for the PeelPeuzelen 2022 available. The new price in 2022 will be €17.50. As soon as the PeelPeuzel booklet is published (expected at the beginning of March 2022), this voucher can be exchanged for the new Peuzel booklet for the 2022 season. It is the ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas or other festive occasion. 

Where to buy in Laarbeek?
The gift voucher for the PeelPeuzel booklet 2022 is for sale at Knus bij Marie, Goedemorgen Media in Beek en Donk and at Bavaria Brewery Café in Lieshout.