De Pan-Boksenberg

Nature reserve Boksenberg and De Pan. 

The Boksenberg estate is located southwest of Someren. This is a 167 ha dry coniferous forest with pines from 40 to 50 years old, which will gradually acquire a more varied character. There is a pond in this area, which was formed by sand excavation. The Boksenberg is the nature reserve that borders the Pan.

De Pan is a lush and varied nature reserve. An area that is interspersed with forest, heath, meadows, fields and wet areas. The Sterkselsche Aa meanders right through the Pan. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the area consisted for the most part of heathland. The oldest parts of the forest date from this time. The relatively old forest is located on the wet parts of the area around the stream. Where dry and wet parts alternate, a varied forest has been created. The forests offer shelter to many animals, including hedgehogs and deer, but also the golden oriole and the nuthatch are guests. Elzenbroek forests grow in the wettest places in the stream valley. It is a natural forest with alder and willow trees. The word 'pants' means low-lying swampy land along a stream.