Someren is a powerful, Burgundian municipality with almost 20,000 inhabitants in the Brainport region of Southeast Brabant, and is one of 6 municipalities in the Land van de Peel. In addition to Someren-Dorp, the municipality also includes the villages of Lierop, Someren-Eind and Someren-Heide.

With its nearly 13,000 inhabitants, Someren-Dorp has a lively center with all kinds of facilities such as a theater, 4 large supermarkets and a lively shopping street with a wide range of shops, many welcoming restaurants and cozy cafes with terraces. Someren also has the Diepsteeckel open-air swimming pool, the Butterfly Garden Costa Rica, the De Donck Nature Theater and the De Heihorsten recreation area, which includes an 18-hole golf course.

In Someren-dorp it is pleasant to live in the center or in the residential areas of Noord, Loove, Waterdael or Groote Hoeven. The village also includes the hamlets of De Hoof, Heikant, Vlas, Slieven and Zomerven.

In Someren-dorp you can enjoy a pleasant Burgundian atmosphere and there are also a large number of cultural-historical sights to admire, including 12 national monuments and 17 municipal monuments that are definitely worth a visit.

Someren is also known for its annual events such as the Kennedy March in the first weekend of July, the Kennedy Tour in the last weekend of June, the open-air theater in De Donck nature theater in May and September as well as the large Kermis on the 4th weekend of September. .

Someren is due to its unique natural location.