Come and enjoy PeelSneukelen

What is PeelSneukelen?
De Peel Cuisine is enjoying the many traditional Peel dishes and taking your Peel Cuisine booklet and discovering what De Peel has to offer. 

Free samples of special Peel Cuisine dishes. How does it work? 
You buy De Peel Cuisine booklet at one of the points of sale. In the booklet, you will find 8 coupons, or Cuisinettes. 

The Cuisinettes are valid from Oktober 1 to March 31 at one of the 34 participating restaurants mentioned in the booklet. In exchange, you will receive a free Peel Cuisinette (one drink minimum). Browse De Peel Cuisine booklet for more special offers and the opening hours of the participating restaurants. 

Nice and easy! 
The booklet offers a lot of different Cuisinettes, from salty to sweet, from well-known to experimental. De Peel Cuisine is also perfect when you are just staying in The Peel for a few days. De Peel Cuisine booklet is transferable, so you can easily use one booklet for more than one person (max. 6 people). By car, by bike or on foot, everything is possible! You are free to choose your route or arrangement and there’s no need for a reservation. The opening hours of the restaurants are mentioned in the booklet. 

De Peel Cuisine booklet costs € 17,50 and can be bought at the toerist information offices at De Peel. 

On the road in spring and summer?
There is also a summer edition for delicious dishes. Go PeelPeuzelen!

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