On the road with kids in the Peel

Magical memories are best created together. Come play in nature with the whole family, celebrate a birthday in Helmond Castle or go on an adventure in Museum Klok & Peel. Discover the range of children's activities for the whole family to enjoy.


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  • Museum Helmond, Castle Helmond

    Museum Helmond, Castle Helmond

    Museum Helmond is partly housed in a medieval castle and partly in the contemporary Boscotondo Hall and...


  • Kinderroutes Deurne

    Kinderroutes Deurne Children's routes in Deurne

    Do you want to explore Deurne? That's a good idea, because there are super many fun places here! That...


  • Playground Prinse Irene in Someren-Eind

    Playground Prinse Irene in Someren-Eind

    Playground Prinses Irene is a unique playground because of its beautiful location on the edge of Someren-Eind,...


  • Blotevoetenpad Toon Kortooms Park

    Blotevoetenpad Toon Kortooms Park Gezin bij het blotevoetenpad in het Toon Kortoomspark Deurne

    Adventurous barefoot path, located in the Toon Kortooms Park. With fun experiences and a large terrace...


  • Helmond Castle

    Helmond Castle

    The castle was built in the fourteenth century. Nowadays, it houses the municipal museum, as well as...


  • Playgrounds Lieshout

    Playgrounds Lieshout

    In Lieshout, playgrounds can be found in various places.


  • De Ossenbeemd

    De Ossenbeemd De Ossenbeemd - Kinderboerderij

    Nature playground and park with themed gardens, tree path, petting zoo, nice picnic areas, water game,...


  • Petting zoo 't Rijtven

    Petting zoo 't Rijtven Childrens farm ORO Rijtven Deurne

    Children's farm with small playground near the Rijtven, commune for disabled people


  • Speeltuin Helmond-West

    Speeltuin Helmond-West


  • Deer Park

    Deer Park

    Pay a visit to the Deer Park in Aarle-Rixtel.


  • Speeltuin Leonardus

    Speeltuin Leonardus


  • Playground de Speuldries

    Playground de Speuldries Playground de Speuldries Deurne

    With over 20 pieces of playground equipment, a large sandpit and lots of greenery to play in, outdoor...


  • Holten's Molen

    Holten's Molen Holten's Mill in Deurne

    Grinding grain, crushing seeds and sawing wood; a unique combination


  • Museum Klok & Peel

    Museum Klok & Peel Mamoet skeleton at Museum Klok & Peel in Asten

    At Museum Klok & Peel, you learn in a unique way how De Groote Peel, a national park on the border of...


  • Natural playground Zandbos

    Natural playground Zandbos Natural playground Zandbos Deurne

    In the middle of the woods, attractive playground equipment have been combined with natural elements...


  • Playgrounds Beek en Donk

    Playgrounds Beek en Donk

    In Beek en Donk, you will find playgrounds in several places.

    Beek en Donk

  • Animal Park 't Regter Eind

    Animal Park 't Regter Eind

    An animal park with alpacas, goats, wallabies, sheep, an aviary, chickens and much more.

    Beek en Donk

  • Museum “Technology with Soul”

    Museum “Technology with Soul” Museum “Technology with Soul” Neerkant

    The museum is located in the middle of the intriguing peat moor region “De Peel”, in Neerkant, the Netherlands...


  • Swimming Pool De Diepsteeckel

    Swimming Pool De Diepsteeckel

    Large heated outdoor swimming pool located on the Witvrouwenbergweg in Someren. The pool has a leisure...


  • Dierenpark De Warande

    Dierenpark De Warande

    The animal park in De Warande is located in a beautiful city park. Around the pond, the animals are housed...


  • We Jump Helmond - Indoorspeeltuin

    We Jump Helmond - Indoorspeeltuin

    We-Jump is the urban trampoline park of the Helmond and Eindhoven region. Located on Suytkade in Helmond,...


  • Vlierpark, play park

    Vlierpark, play park Blossomtrees Vlierpark Deurne

    Playing outside with natural materials such as willow branch huts, tree trunks, fortress, tree hut and...


  • Speelschuur Billy Barn

    Speelschuur Billy Barn


  • Tabletgame Kidnapped! - Liever Buiten

    Tabletgame Kidnapped! - Liever Buiten Tabletgame Liever Buiten Deurne

    A fun walking tour with tablet through the Zandbos with exciting elements!