Nightlife in the Peel

A night out in the Peel

A night out in Deurne, a concert or dance performance in Gemert or a movie in Helmond? There are countless theaters and cinemas in the Peel from which to choose. Combine your visit with a dinner in one of the many restaurants and enjoy a complete night out in Land van de Peel.


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Sambaband HeiSa

A guaranteed party with the Samba Band HeiSa.

Cultuurhuis DE EENDRACHT

Theater De Eendracht in Gemert is a theater and activities center where culture flourishes. The theater...

Muziekkapel Stoudt

Stoudt is the most modern, sociable and youngest chapel in Beek en Donk.

Zanggroep Kalliope

Singing group Kalliope started in 1983 in Beek en Donk and has been led by Giel Jacobs for its entire...

Coöperatieve Stoomafblaaskapel

Over the years, the band has given many concerts at home and abroad and performs regularly in old people's...


The Dorpshuis and Ons Tejater under one roof.

De Wieger, Museum - Podium

Besides a large collection of works by Wiegersma himself, the museum also has a collection of modern...

Liedertafel 't Nachtpitje

The current Liedertafel in Beek en Donk was founded in 1992. They sing every last Friday of the month.

Jan Vlemmings guitar teacher

Learn to play guitar quickly and well with Jan Vlemmings guitar teacher.

Harmonie St Caecilia Lieshout/Mariahout

Harmonie st Caecilia has its 150th anniversary in sight.

Nummerke 3
Nummerke 3 logo

Musical band that is mainly active during the carnival season.

Grand Café Beekman & Beekman

Attractive location on the market for both a drink and a snack. In addition, options for weddings, parties,...

Kinderkoor KiKo

Kinderkoor Kiko Laarbeek is voor kinderen van 6 tot 18 jaar.

Ganzegatse hofkapel

The Goez Hool Band from Aarle-Rixtel started in 1980 as Ganzegats Hofkapel and can still be found in...

Zwarte fanfare

This fanfare provides various performances.

Bag On Wheels

A unique eight-piece, energetic live band with fat covers and original medleys.

Harmonie De Goede Hoop Aarle-Rixtel

The club spirit is of paramount importance at Harmonie De Goede Hoop.