A night out in the Peel

A night out in Deurne, a concert or dance performance in Gemert or a movie in Helmond? There are countless theaters and cinemas in the Peel from which to choose. Combine your visit with a dinner in one of the many restaurants and enjoy a complete night out in Land van de Peel.


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  • Annatheater


    Get to know the Annatheater. Acting courses, tango, mindfulness, youth theatre school, performances,...


  • Liedertafel 't Nachtpitje

    Liedertafel 't Nachtpitje

    The current Liedertafel in Beek en Donk was founded in 1992. They sing every last Friday of the month.

    Beek en Donk

  • Nature theater De Donck

    Nature theater De Donck

    Nature Theater De Donck is located in a beautiful wooded area in our municipality of Someren.


  • Muziekmakerij De Biks-Bent

    Muziekmakerij De Biks-Bent

    Music-making De Biks Bent plays popular repertoire that is easy on the ears, but some heavier numbers...

    Beek en Donk

  • Seniorenkoor Vogelenzang Lieshout

    Seniorenkoor Vogelenzang Lieshout

    The repertoire is profane. The choir has 35 members.


  • Cultuurcentrum Deurne

    Cultuurcentrum Deurne Cultuurcentrum Martien van Doorne

    For theater, film, music, meeting rooms, food and drinks.


  • MFA Buurthuis De Dompelaar | Elsendorp

    MFA Buurthuis De Dompelaar | Elsendorp

    The community center actually stands for several spaces in the Dipper that are open to everyone.


  • Stichting Muziekopleidingen O&U

    Stichting Muziekopleidingen O&U

    The Music Education Foundation O&U offers all boys and girls from Beek and Donk the opportunity to...

    Beek en Donk

  • Mini Theater Moes in Helmond

    Mini Theater Moes in Helmond


  • Seniorenkoor Sint Joachim

    Seniorenkoor Sint Joachim

    Seniors' choir Sint Joachim has been around for over 50 years.

    Beek en Donk

  • Nummerke 3

    Nummerke 3

    Musical band that is mainly active during the carnival season.

    Beek en Donk

  • Sambaband HeiSa

    Sambaband HeiSa

    A guaranteed party with the Samba Band HeiSa.


  • MFA D'n Eik | De Rips

    MFA D'n Eik | De Rips

    The new multipurpose accommodation (MFA) in De Rips.

    De Rips

  • Zwarte fanfare

    Zwarte fanfare

    This fanfare provides various performances.


  • Het Wapen van Asten

    Het Wapen van Asten

    Since 1998, the establishment in Asten for your parties and celebrations. From children's party to staff...


  • Café d'n Borrel

    Café d'n Borrel


  • Time Out Uitgaanscentrum - NXT events | Handel

    Time Out Uitgaanscentrum - NXT events | Handel

    At Time Out, we make your event come alive until it is buzzing with energy.


  • Grand Café Beekman & Beekman

    Grand Café Beekman & Beekman Terrace Beekman & Beekman Deurne

    Attractive location on the market for both a drink and a snack. In addition, options for weddings, parties,...


  • OverdagEnsemble Laarbeek ODE

    OverdagEnsemble Laarbeek ODE

    ODE is an orchestra for people who no longer work.

    Beek en Donk

  • Theater De Eendracht

    Theater De Eendracht

    Theater De Eendracht in Gemert is a theater and activities center where culture flourishes. The theater...


  • MFA Dorpshuis De Bron | Handel

    MFA Dorpshuis De Bron | Handel

    Village Hall "The Source" has several rooms available for rent for theater or music performances.


  • Zanggroep Kalliope

    Zanggroep Kalliope

    Singing group Kalliope started in 1983 in Beek en Donk and has been led by Giel Jacobs for its entire...

    Beek en Donk

  • Harmonie O&U Beek en Donk

    Harmonie O&U Beek en Donk

    Harmonie Oefening en Uitspanning with a student orchestra, the youth orchestra and a percussion group.

    Beek en Donk

  • Perron Deurne

    Perron Deurne Perron Deurne - interior

    We welcome you and your guests in our bar or terrace for lunch, a drink or play a game like biljarts...