Shopping in the Peel

Shop till you drop in Helmond and stroll through characteristic streets in Gemert and Asten. Find the perfect gift at a boutique in Deurne or Laarbeek and treat yourself in a delicacy shop in Someren. You don't have to leave the Peel for a successful and fun day of shopping.


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  • Varkensvlees


    The animals are raised with passion and experience.

    Beek en Donk

  • Library Deurne

    Library Deurne Library Deurne

    Everyone is welcome at the library to read a newspaper or magazine and use free Wi-Fi. There is also...


  • Klompenmakerij Het Klompenschuurtje

    Klompenmakerij Het Klompenschuurtje

    Have you ever heard of a pile driver, a pile bank or a cutting horse?


  • PLUS Erik Gorissen!

    PLUS Erik Gorissen!

    Welkom at PLUS Erik Gorissen! PLUS wants you to feel at home and at ease. Our knowledgeable and friendly...


  • Winkelen in Stiphout Helmond

    Winkelen in Stiphout Helmond


  • Uw Ambachtelijke Slager 'Slagerij Vogels' | Elsendorp

    Uw Ambachtelijke Slager 'Slagerij Vogels' | Elsendorp

    Butcher Vogels from Elsendorp is a traditional company that still does its own slaughtering. Where others...


  • Pieternel Lingerie Deurne

    Pieternel Lingerie Deurne Pieternel Lingerie Deurne

    The region's lingerie and mammacare specialty store


  • Shopping Center the Bus

    Shopping Center the Bus

    A beautiful indoor shopping center in Helmond-North. Here you will find a wide range of stores and free...


  • Ringeling

    Ringeling Ringeling Deurne

    Since 1986, Ringeling is the trendy store in the field of jewelry and watches in the center of Deurne....


  • DIO Drogisterij-Parfumerie

    DIO Drogisterij-Parfumerie

    There are some shops that you enjoy going into. Why? Because you receive a friendly welcome, good...


  • Van Der Putten Asparagus and Strawberries

    Van Der Putten Asparagus and Strawberries Van der Putten Asparagus and Strawberries Deurne

    Farm shop with delicious asparagus and fresh sweet strawberries


  • Rozemarijn & Thijm

    Rozemarijn & Thijm Rozemarijn & Thijm

    Rosemary & Thyme is your specialty store for inner and outer health. Apart from our extensive and all-natural...


  • Winkels Kortenaerstraat Helmond

    Winkels Kortenaerstraat Helmond


  • Macron Sports Hub Deurne

    Macron Sports Hub Deurne

    At Macron Sports Hub Deurne, we are teamwear specialists and total suppliers for sports teams and clubs...


  • Xenos Deurne

    Xenos Deurne Xenos Deurne

    At Xenos you will find surprising and inexpensive products to make it cozy at home. A combination of...


  • Hartje Gemert | Gemert

    Hartje Gemert | Gemert

    Hartje Gemert is the umbrella organization for the vibrant center of Gemert. Gemert has a center full...


  • Penninx Schoenen | Gemert

    Penninx Schoenen | Gemert

    At Penninx Schoenen in Gemert, the customer is our focus. We take the time for you and listen to your...


  • Plukgeluk garden in Aarle-Rixtel

    Plukgeluk garden in Aarle-Rixtel Plukgeluk garden in Aarle-Rixtel

    Rotary club Gemert-Bakel / Laarbeek has started a new picking location.


  • Deel interior experience

    Deel interior experience

    The nicest and cosiest home furnishing shop in the area is in Aarle-Rixtel. Hospitable Ambassador of...


  • Palingkwekerij en Rokerij Rijpelaal

    Palingkwekerij en Rokerij Rijpelaal


  • Telecombinatie Deurne

    Telecombinatie Deurne Telecombinatie Deurne

    Do you live in the area of ​​Deurne? Then our store is the place to visit and have everything related...


  • Wijnhuis Deurne

    Wijnhuis Deurne Beverage Store 'Wijnhuis Deurne'

    Specialty shop Wijnhuis Deurne is a specialty shop in the field of wines, (special) beers, spirits, corporate...


  • Het Oude Vat | Gemert

    Het Oude Vat | Gemert

    For over 90 years Het Oude Vat has been the specialist in the field of drinks. Het Oude Vat has a wide...


  • Farm shop Sint Jan's Hoeve

    Farm shop Sint Jan's Hoeve Sint Jan's hoeve Deurne

    In the farm shop you will find plums and cherries and other tasty fruit and vegetables. You can also...