Shopping in the Peel

Shop till you drop in Helmond and stroll through characteristic streets in Gemert and Asten. Find the perfect gift at a boutique in Deurne or Laarbeek and treat yourself in a delicacy shop in Someren. You don't have to leave the Peel for a successful and fun day of shopping.


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  • Kuijpers Tweewielers fietsverhuur

    Kuijpers Tweewielers fietsverhuur


  • Winkelen in winkelcentrum Brouwhorst Helmond

    Winkelen in winkelcentrum Brouwhorst Helmond


  • Shopping Center the Bus

    Shopping Center the Bus

    A beautiful indoor shopping center in Helmond-North. Here you will find a wide range of stores and free...


  • Foka Deurne

    Foka Deurne Foka Deurne

    Foka Deurne, a specialty store with photo and computer supplies and accessories. Passport photos for...


  • Atelier Nu

    Atelier Nu

    Atelier Now Thea Blok's gallery and studio is the working area.

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  • Oyster mushrooms farm Van Lieshout

    Oyster mushrooms farm Van Lieshout Oyster mushrooms from Land van de Peel

    At oyster mushroom farm Van Lieshout they are champions in growing oyster mushrooms.


  • Welkom in Boelthiek!

    Welkom in Boelthiek!

    Boelthiek is the place in Gemert where business, living and meeting come together. You can drop in for...


  • Elektro Speciaal

    Elektro Speciaal

    If you need expert advice on your DIY project, Elektroschakelmateriaal (Elektro Special) has been specialising...


  • Hulpmiddelen voor Ouderen

    Hulpmiddelen voor Ouderen Tools for the elderly shop Deurne

    Elderly people can end up in a situation where the daily necessities of life can no longer be carried...


  • Varkensvlees


    The animals are raised with passion and experience.

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  • Gemert Media B.V. | Gemert

    Gemert Media B.V. | Gemert

    Gemert Media B.V. is a multimedia company, based in Gemert and the creator of the Gemerts Nieuwsblad...


  • Kanters asparagus Someren

    Kanters asparagus Someren

    Buying asparagus from the farmer? At the Kanters family in Someren you can buy delicious asparagus that...


  • Winkelboulevard Engelseweg Helmond

    Winkelboulevard Engelseweg Helmond


  • Regional shop Brabantse Kluis

    Regional shop Brabantse Kluis

    You can find various articles from the region in this local shop.


  • Vedder Bakery

    Vedder Bakery Vedder Bakery Deurne

    Since 1967 we have been privileged to let our customers enjoy delicious fresh products every day, made...


  • Boerderijwinkel Biemans - Jansen

    Boerderijwinkel Biemans - Jansen

    Sale of seasonal products from own fields.

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  • Mari van Boven Fietsen

    Mari van Boven Fietsen


  • Annie's Farm Shop

    Annie's Farm Shop

    Various chicken products available at Annie's Farm Shop in Mariahout.


  • Midas shopping centre

    Midas shopping centre

    Midas shopping centre is located in the centre of Asten. With 23 shops under one roof, there is something...


  • Beijers Fruit and Vegetables

    Beijers Fruit and Vegetables Beijers Fruit and Vegetables

    The greengrocer of Deurne and surrounding areas! Family business since 1956. Third generation, first-class...


  • Kringloopwinkel ONA

    Kringloopwinkel ONA

    If you are looking for used furniture, household items, clothing, toys, electrical (household) appliances,...


  • Picking garden for charity

    Picking garden for charity

    Pick a bouquet and support the local children's holiday work and the Zonnebloem.


  • Winkelen in Wederhof Helmond

    Winkelen in Wederhof Helmond


  • EMC Deurne electric two-wheelers

    EMC Deurne electric two-wheelers EMC Deurne Elektrische two-wheelers

    The specialist of electric bicycles and electric scooters. With a scooter or bicycle you drive silently,...