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Workshop 'n Hope Good Music

until 18 February

Workshops 'n Hope Good Music are here again!  The workshops are for children from group 4 and up who would like to be involved in music, but do not yet know exactly what instrument they would like to play. In recent years, many children in Aarle-Rixtel have followed the versatile and energetic workshops of 'n Hoop Goede Muziek.

The course is set up in cooperation with harmony De Goede Hoop. The lessons are given by Jaqueline Verhofstad, a passionate music teacher who likes to get young children enthusiastic about a hobby in music. During the lessons, all kinds of fun instruments are used in a contemporary way. Workshops start after the carnival, and are held weekly on Monday afternoons. Are you interested? Then sign up now via the e-mail address.

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Café Bij van Dijk
Dorpsstraat 18
5735 ED Aarle-Rixtel
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