Koppeltje in Duet

That is the work of art Koppeltje in Duet. It originally stood on a recognisable spot further along Koppelstraat, where it was placed on 5 November 1993. Artist Martien Hendriks (1949) is a versatile artist. In 1980 he completed his training at the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven, department of Free Visual Design. His creations vary from handy small plastics such as medals to huge spatial ocjects. Many of his works tell a story through metaphorical and/or symbolic elements. The forms can be both abstract and fugurative, in which he makes use of an extensive palette of materials. He experiences each project as an adventure in itself. It requires his mastery of the early idea and its development up to and including the final technical realisation; in short, a total creative process. 


Muziektuin Koppelstraat
koppelstraat 37
5741GA Beek en Donk
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