Proverbs trail, guided walk by a tourist guide

On the edge of the peat bog De Peel, the seigniory of Asten was founded many centuries ago. It also included the communities of Ommel and Heusden. 

In the fifteenth century, a man called Jan die Smet van der Diesdunc lived on the Diesdonk, whose traces are still visible in Asten after more than five and a half centuries. In fact, in the tower of the Heilige Maria Presentatie church, you can see a bell dated 1447 on which, among others, his name appears. 

There is a commemorative statue of him on Koningsplein, and a bronze 'trail' with proverbs about bells and time runs through Asten. 

Duration: +/- 2 hours

Minimum number of persons: 10 Maximum number of persons: 25

Cost: €3.50 per person or if less than 10 people participate, a minimum amount of €35 per group applies.

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