Glas en Kunst Atelier

My name is Diana Swinkels.

At our new address, Zaagmolenweg 1 in Beek en Donk, I started a Glass and Art studio. Previously that was Gallery Berkendijkje. Here in my studio I fuse glass into various works of art. That can be a window decoration, but also bowls and garden objects. Also for assignments you are at the right place.

I also make jewellery, and if necessary, to order.

In my workshop you can get an idea of what I do and how I go about it. You can also buy beads, wire, clasps and everything you need to make your own jewellery. Feel free to walk in. When the flag is outside I am working, and that can be any day of the week. You can also call for an appointment, then you are also welcome.


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