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Together, the scenes in the niches of the chapels form the so-called Miracle of Ommel that recounts story of the statue of Mary, Comforter in …

Together, the scenes in the niches of the chapels form the so-called Miracle of Ommel that recounts story of the statue of Mary, Comforter in every need. The first chapel depicts the "Finding of the grace statue by the people of Ommel." In the sculpture, the statue of Mary is placed on a column with several figures adoring Her. The second image shows a man in a small boat on a wild sea, with the statue of Mary visible in the background. The title reads "Jan van Haven at Sea Promises to Build a Church in Ommel", and subsequently "Mary of the Choor, Praying before the Crucifix", depicted in a church interior. With the crucifix is a pennant inscribed "Here thou shalt do carpentry." The fourth chapel is inscribed "Mary, Comforter in Every Need, Heals the Sick" and depicts two figures with crutches in front of an altar with the statue of Mary. Next up is the "Flight of the Sisters with the Statue in 1772", and finally the sixth chapel depicts the "Restoration of the Statue on the Throne in 1840". Every chapel consists of a brick superstructure on a broader base with a cover of industrial bricks. On top is a natural stone section with a gable end, with a cut-out niche. The gable ends are decorated with leaf motifs. White natural stone sculptures, partly in (high) relief, are positioned inside the niches. A natural stone band below the niche indicates the name of the scene. The chapels are of public interest due to their cultural-historical, art-historical and typological values, as a special expression of spiritual life; namely, the history of devotion to Maria in this church village which has had more than a local effect alone. They are an integral part of the ensemble of the processional park.

The outer ring of this park is home to a Stations of the Cross in sandstone relief. The 14 stations are placed in the form of "keskes", or chapels, constructed in 1914 in Neo-Gothic style. Each chapel consists of a low brick superstructure on a base that protrudes slightly from the superstructure and has a capping edge of industrial bricks. A niche under a segmental arch has been cut out in the superstructure; a natural stone chamfer can be seen at the front of each niche. A natural stone gabled roof with gable end has been added above the niche. The number of the station is indicated in Roman numerals in an embossed section. The niche contains a white natural stone sculpture, partially placed in (high) relief. According to the inscribed stone plaques that are embedded in the side of each chapel, the chapels were donated by several prominent citizens. The first station is situated to the left of the low fence, near the entrance to the park. If you turn left, you will come across the remaining Stations of the Cross.

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