Postkantoor 1923 annex Dorpswinkel

Post office annex Village store 1923

Frans Fransen with family came to live here in 1923 as office holder of the P.T.T. and also letter carrier. The mail was collected in Helmond for Bakel Milheeze and De Rips.

When the construction of Christus Koning Mission House in De Rips did not go ahead because of poor connections, this setback caused the post office to be discontinued and it became just a mail station. From then on, mail came from Oploo.

Because of this, Fransen took the decision in 1924 to also start a village store here in food,feed,flour and grains. But also in oil for lamps and later also in small goods, textiles and yarns.

The supermarket has therefore been in family ownership for 90 years and has seen various changes/formulas over the years.

Source: Walking in De Rips. B.Ploegmakers