Harmonie O&U Beek en Donk

The policy of the board of Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning is twofold. On the one hand, the policy is aimed at achieving the h…

The policy of the board of Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning is twofold. On the one hand, the policy is aimed at achieving the highest possible level within the world of symphonic wind music; on the other hand, the board is committed to maintaining and increasing support within the Beek en Donk community. The high level of the orchestra is partly maintained by good training of its members. This training is guaranteed by an independent training institute, the Stichting Muziekopleiding O&U. The student orchestra, youth orchestra and percussion group play an important role in this training. In these orchestras, young musicians can gain concert experience. Partly because of its own music training, Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning has a relatively young orchestra. Playing in Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning at this high level has been a reason for several members to follow a professional study at a conservatoire.

The Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning orchestra wants to play symphonic wind music. The repertoire therefore ranges from classical romantic works of great composers from the 19th century to modern music. It is important that the choice of repertoire is a challenge for the wind band and the conductor to reach a higher level of musicianship. In addition, the orchestra regularly performs light music that is highly accessible to the general public, such as musical music.

The wind band rehearses every Friday evening from 20:15 to 22:30. The rehearsals are in Muziekcentrum Het Anker.

The youth orchestra is the training orchestra of Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning. When students have obtained their A-diploma (for some instruments A- and B-diploma), they can participate in the youth orchestra. The orchestra has more than thirty members between 11 and 19 years of age. The aim is to have fun making music together and to prepare the musicians for progression to the wind orchestra.

The youth percussion group is the training percussion group of Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning. The aim of the youth percussion group is to play fun and challenging percussion music together. When percussion students have obtained their A-diploma, they can join the youth percussion group. When they get their B-diploma, they can then move on to the percussion group. The members of the (youth) percussion group are between 10 and 20 years old. The programme of the youth percussion group is composed in consultation with the members so that it matches the interests of the group as much as possible.

Music centre Het Anker is the home base of Koninklijke Harmonie Oefening & Uitspanning. Here, the weekly rehearsals of the youth orchestra, the (youth) percussion group and the harmony orchestra take place.