Indoor Curling Brabant in Lierop

Indoor Curling is a very fun and cozy game where 2 teams compete against each other. A team can consist of 2, 3 or 4 people. The intention is that the curling stones eventually come to lie as close as possible to the white dot on the mat. The final position of the curling stones determines how many points are awarded. However, by playing tactically well, one can make it very difficult for the opponent and the game can go in all directions during the match. This to the amusement of both teams. 

The beauty of Indoor Curling is that it can be played at any level. This makes it accessible to everyone. Our experience shows that both young and old have a great time. Moreover, people are very active, both physically and mentally. 

Indoor Curling, surprisingly fun for everyone!
Your hostess Petra Kuijpers welcomes you.

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Indoor Curling Brabant
Heesvenstraat 21 a
5715AD Lierop
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