Bar Uncle Buck

Bar Uncle Buck for bottles and bites. 

Who is Uncle Buck? 

That is actually very simple. 

Uncle Buck is the host who caters to your every need. Enjoying street food or lunch? He arranges it. Having a nice drink? The cocktails are ready before you can finish your order. Or a day out? The steel steeds (better known as E-Choppers) are already gleaming in the driveway, ready to get dirty. But don't worry: you yourself stay clean. Because afterwards you will of course want to talk about the adventures while enjoying a snack and drink on our sun-drenched terrace. 

​And when the evening falls, the music starts, the tables move aside and the feet are off the floor in the hall and the café! 

So when are you coming?

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Wilhelminaplein 9 b
5711 EK Someren
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  • Daily starting from april 17th, 2024