Crucifix on Koppelstraat

One of them adorns the Koppelstraat in Beek en Donk, opposite the town hall. It is one of the lesser-known statues in Laarbeek, depicting Jesus Christ on the cross. The historical society De Lange Vonder was able to retrieve information about the statue. From council records from 1930, it appears that already then Mar. van Thiel submitted a request for the placement of a crucifix. This request was made again in 1936, after which it was probably placed. For a long time it stood at a different location in the Muziektuin. But when Koppelstraat was redesigned - bends had to ensure a lower speed of motorised traffic - the statue moved to its current spot. 

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Koppelstraat 6
5741GC Beek en Donk
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