Botanical garden

The botanical garden used to be a vicarage garden filled with old trees that needed to be cleared. With the priest's consent, the works started in the year 1980. When the church board initially accepted the project, they couldn’t foresee the magnitude of the project. And as the garden grew, more and more people were hired to complete the works and maintain the garden.   Nowadays, the garden has about 80 conifers, planted in the first year of the renovation works. There are also various patio plants and succulents, such as agaves, cacti and many more.

The garden is divided into 5 parts, with parts of the garden surrounding the church to the south, the west and the north. The garden has a surface of about 3,000 square meters.   For tours, please contact Mr. M. Manders, telephone number: +31 (0) 493-692093.  


Botanische tuin
Vorstermansplein 16
5725 AM Asten-Heusden
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