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  • Hoeve Willem III Handcrafted Ice Cream

    Hoeve Willem III Handcrafted Ice Cream Hoeve Willem III Handcrafted Ice Cream Helenaveen

    Need a breath of fresh air by bike or a brisk walk in De Peel? Moor at Hoeve Willem III! Situated at...


  • Hoeve De Stroom Gemert

    Hoeve De Stroom Gemert

    Farm owned by the Gemert parish priest for centuries.

    De Mortel

  • Peelreus Biertour

    Peelreus Biertour Peelreus Beertour Deurne

    A cycling route where you are served a Peelreus beer with a matching dish at 4 supplied restaurants


  • Boerderij: De Sparrenhof, De Rips

    Boerderij: De Sparrenhof, De Rips

    Built in 1959, Sparrenhof was the last farm to rise on the reclaimed land of the Roelvink brothers.

    De Rips

  • BnB De Peelvos

    BnB De Peelvos Bed and breakfast in the outskirts of Deurne with space and privacy

    Bed and breakfast in the outskirts of Deurne with space and privacy!


  • NS station Helmond 't Hout

    NS station Helmond 't Hout

    Helmond 't Hout station is a train station in the city of Helmond located between Eindhoven and Venlo.


  • Restaurant Roj

    Restaurant Roj

    A new restaurant at Winkelplein.

    Beek en Donk

  • Buitengewoon Smakelijk

    Buitengewoon Smakelijk

    Buitengewoon Smakelijk, a lunchroom run by employees with a mild to moderate mental handicap.

    Beek en Donk

  • De Goorloop

    De Goorloop

    The Goorloop is a brook that originates near Mierlo and flows into the Aa near Boerdonk.

    Beek en Donk

  • Munitiehuisje Deurne

    Munitiehuisje Deurne The former ammunition house Deurne

    The former ammunition house, also known as 'flop house', is located on the border of the municipalities...


  • Kruisschot in Stiphout

    Kruisschot in Stiphout


  • Sushi 8

    Sushi 8

    Sushi 8 the sushi takeaway restaurant in Beek en Donk.

    Beek en Donk

  • Annie's Farm Shop

    Annie's Farm Shop

    Various chicken products available at Annie's Farm Shop in Mariahout.


  • Hardstone kerbstones with chains

    Hardstone kerbstones with chains

    Beautiful bluestone kerbstones with chains, which are of importance due to their antiquity.


  • Broekse Hoeve care farm

    Broekse Hoeve care farm

    Care farm Broekse Hoeve Mariahout for enjoyable and safe day care.


  • Clown Dico

    Clown Dico Clown Dico Deurne

    A party or event where you are expecting children? Clown Dico is the balloon clown par excellence and...


  • Water pump de Postel te Someren

    Water pump de Postel te Someren

    From 1893 to 1956 there was a water pump on the Postel in Someren. Due to the arrival of the water supply,...


  • Heemhuis Heemkundekring De Vonder

    Heemhuis Heemkundekring De Vonder

    Heemkundekring "De Vonder" The central point of Heemkundekring De Vonder is the Heemhuis. Het Heemhuis...


  • Virgin Mary statue in the Lourdes grotto

    Virgin Mary statue in the Lourdes grotto

    In 1933, when the parish church was built in Mariahout, plans were immediately made for a grotto. In...


  • Cafeteria-Eethuis Kom us an

    Cafeteria-Eethuis Kom us an Cafetaria-Eethuis Kom us an

    A spacious cafeteria with terrace and a small dining room where you can eat well at a friendly price.


  • Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak

    Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak Brasserie De Hoofdzaak Liessel

    Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak, enjoy Burgundian for lunch, drinks or dinner!


  • B&B De Hazenhut | De Rips

    B&B De Hazenhut | De Rips

    Bed and breakfast camping accommodation of family vd Weijst. Vacation home for rent in rural and wooded...

    De Rips

  • Grafkapel De Maurissens

    Grafkapel De Maurissens Grafkapel familie De Maurissens

    Funerary chapel of the noble family who lived in a country house on the Baarschot in the 19th century.


  • Kapel Esdonks Kapelleke | Gemert

    Kapel Esdonks Kapelleke | Gemert

    Small 'Spijkerkapel' belonging to the hamlet of Esdonk where Mary Magdalene is venerated. This little...